Sunday, June 9, 2013

Opening Concert on the Commons

  I would like to thank all the folks who came out and stopped by our booth at the 
Greenhills' Summer Concerts on the Commons.
A huge turnout I might add.
We were there with our big blue tent, selling our dog treats and making tails wag. There were a lot of dogs out, playing, jumping, and just taking their master for a walk. We meet a lot of dogs, and a lot of old friends.
We found this year our Cheddar Cheese Treats were a big hit and of course,
Peanut Butter was still at the top. 
The Concert kicked off with Kyle Ryan as Elvis, the ladies loved him. Great medley of Elvis songs.
The evening continued with more legends of music. We got Roy Orbison and Pasty Cline, All very good, honestly I don't know Roy Orbison to well so I can not say if he really sounded like him. Patsy Cline Yodeled and that good enough for me. Since we were in the back of the commons greeting our four-legged friends and their owners we did not get a lot of up-close pictures. But this is our view.

Kyle Ryan or Elvis?

See you next week for for a Greenhills 75th Anniversary Celebration with 
Pam Noah and her 9 piece Swing Band
June 12 7-9 Pm