Sunday, November 17, 2013

Harvest Fest -- What a SUCCESS

Oct 19, 2013 saw the Village of Greenhills community come out for a fun day of harvest-themed events.

The day started off with some showers, but we were lucky to have it miss our event time. The first event of the day was the Mutt March, a longstanding tradition in the Village but forgotten in the last few years.  Even with the rain in the morning we had eight dogs dressed in costume, and had a total of fifteen dogs marching.  We had a Bunch of Grapes, a group of cowboys, Super Dog and Super Girl, Fairy Queen, Waldo, a scout,  a Hot Dog and ?  Our Grand Marshal was Paxon the Village K-9 police dog. Paxon lead the march around the Village Commons and back to the gazebo for prizes.

Prizes were awarded for:

Best Costume, small breed - Bunch of Grapes

Best Costume, large breed - Fairy Queen

Best Couple (Pet and Owner) - This was a tie, Cowboy Family & Super Dog & Girl

Most Creative -  Waldo who we lost...but we found him!!

Our judges were  Greenhills Mayor Fred Murrell, Councilwoman Maria Waltherrs-Willards and Stephen Drace, Village business owner.

Each pet had their picture taken by Kimberly Kennedy Photography.

We would like to thank MaiRo & Co - Dog Treat Bakery, Forest Park Vet Clinic, and Ark for their donation of fabulous prizes.

After the Mutt March we all went down to the Farmers Market area and enjoyed the second event of the day: a full evening of food, music and booths.  The community came out to celebrate Fall both in the booths and as customers.  Harvest Fest offered three food venues, two local food trucks, Pizza Tower and Red Sesame Korean BBQ,  and  our American Legion with hot dogs and hamburgers. The vendors were plentiful and provided a very wide selection of goods.

Most of our local candidates had booths so they could meet with their constituents and secure their votes in the upcoming election. The Greenhills Volunteer Fire Department had their truck and medic.
Village Troubadour Coffee, Food & Music
During the event the Fireman had to leave for an emergency call. Pampered Chef was hosting a "show" for the firemen so they could get some top quality product for the fire house kitchen.

Local business came out: Curves, MaiRo & Co - Dog Treat Bakery, Arbonne Int, Usborne Books & More, Thirty One, Alicia Whitaker - home, crafts & more, Stuff a Buddy and Beaded Jewelry, and the newest business "The Troubadour Coffee House." Look for them in spring of 2014 in the old bank office, next to the Greenhills Dentist.
Straw Boss 
Our Music for the evening was STRAW BOSS and they were the boss, playing a slice of Americana.They kept my toes tapping all night long. We saw the Kiwanis Club selling the traditional Grapefruit and Oranges boxes, and nuts for the Holiday Season. The Cub Scout Troop was also selling Popcorn. 

The third event of the night was in the form of a Hot Air Balloon on the Commons. Folks got to get a birds-eye few of their Village from sixty feet in the air.  There were games for the kids to play, pumpkin Bowling, Harvest Corn-hole  a ball toss and others.  The Winton Woods High School young adults sponsored a lollipop pull and a Pumpkin Toss. Everybody was a winner that evening and I believe this is the beginning of a great year for the village,  75 years young and getting better all the time. 
Usborne Books

The Historical Society Selling Hot Apples

Fun Games for all the kids


Dinner offered by our American Legion Post

Some of the Pumpkin decorations

Our doggie hats

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Greenhills Historical Society

What to know more about Greenhills?  Want to know what we looked like in the begining?
Just visit the Greenhills Historical Society's Facebook page. 
See what history has happened and is happening in the unique little Village.  
Also learn about our sister city Greendale and the first one Greenbelt.  
Stop by, Friend the page and become a member.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Thought this was funny 
"Pray for the kids..."
Are they bad kids, so we need to pray for them to be good?
Are we praying for the teachers, because they are not very good ?
are we praying for the VBS  because they have to teach the kids? 
So what are we praying for?
Just struck me as funny.
Hope everybody has a good time. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pioneer Days

July is the time for us not only to celebrate our Independence from England but to
 celebrate the beginning of our little village.  
July Fourth weekend is Pioneer Days, 
A Celebration of Greenhills, Its Founders, Its Citizens,
 Its Community, and Its Business. 


Overview of  Pioneer Days 2013

The Pioneer Days Commitee went all out to showcase all the best of our little community in
celebration of our 75th year.

Sadly, our weather was not agreeable at all this year, or most of the summer so far. 
The turn out of booths and food was minimal, and a band played. I did not see a listing for 
entertainment so I don't know who they were.
At least this year we had a larger offering of rides, we had five.  This year we had  a super roller coaster, kiddie train, twirling octopus, and swings, something for all ages.  We even had a couple midway-style games.
Fly Copters for the Kids

Take a ride on the Octopus
 Food was available from American Legion Post 530. A long-standing community tradition, the Legion  hosts the Brats, Hot Dogs and Burgers Booth every year.

Post 530 American Legion 
Jim Dandy's Family BBQ had some wonderful BBQ to eat. A large tent was provide for dining and for the rain. Where there is food, there is drink and they had that too.

Jim Dandy's Family BBQ,
The 75th T-shirts and Drinks booths.
This was the first time you could get your 75th Anniversary T-shirt from the Beautification Committee. If you missed out on getting your shirt there, just visit the Village website or Post Office for a order form.
Two additional booths rounded out the Greenhills Village Community offerings. One was "You are not Alone, a Voice for the Innocent," a community support group for rape and sexual abuse victims. There was also a supervised area for the little kids to have a place to sit and play.
I saw no signs above the tents so I am not sure what really was offered, whothe groups were, and if anybody was doing any type of donations for community clubs.

You Are Not Alone booth, and children's play area
Saturday was the big 5K run and our parade. The 5K went on, but the parade was cancelled due to rain. 

Greenhills has its own book now, and the Historical Society had a sale and signing of the book by the authors. If you missed out on getting a copy, you can call the Historical Society, I am sure they will gladly sell you a copy.

With the bar set so high, let's try to top this event next year.

See you next year.
Remember folks, this is Your Village, Your Celebration.
Volunteer and make 2014 even better.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dogs and fireworks

Just a little reminder.  Be safe and sane today. Have a wonderful holiday!  MaiRo & Co Dog Treats

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Opening Concert on the Commons

  I would like to thank all the folks who came out and stopped by our booth at the 
Greenhills' Summer Concerts on the Commons.
A huge turnout I might add.
We were there with our big blue tent, selling our dog treats and making tails wag. There were a lot of dogs out, playing, jumping, and just taking their master for a walk. We meet a lot of dogs, and a lot of old friends.
We found this year our Cheddar Cheese Treats were a big hit and of course,
Peanut Butter was still at the top. 
The Concert kicked off with Kyle Ryan as Elvis, the ladies loved him. Great medley of Elvis songs.
The evening continued with more legends of music. We got Roy Orbison and Pasty Cline, All very good, honestly I don't know Roy Orbison to well so I can not say if he really sounded like him. Patsy Cline Yodeled and that good enough for me. Since we were in the back of the commons greeting our four-legged friends and their owners we did not get a lot of up-close pictures. But this is our view.

Kyle Ryan or Elvis?

See you next week for for a Greenhills 75th Anniversary Celebration with 
Pam Noah and her 9 piece Swing Band
June 12 7-9 Pm

Monday, May 27, 2013

Today we celebrate those who gave their lives for us to continue to make America a free place for all folks to live, work, play and worship.
This Blog belongs Robert Burnett he does a lot of geneolgy and with some other blogers is asking folks to take picutres of Memorials and list all the names and what any placks my say.  Read what he has to say about our Memorials
have a save and happy Memorial day and Remember.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Greenhills Ohio

Today in 1938 we become official.
The 2nd Greenbelt community to be built out of 3.
Greenbelt MD, Greenhills OH, & Greendale WI

The Master Plan Model
One of the Town Home styles.
A great place to live, work and play. 
We have it all, well almost.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Welcome to Greenhills Pride.

Here we talk about what makes our Village the Best.

And what can be done to make it even better.

Greenhills is one of three "Greenbelt communities" built by the FDR administration in the late 30's; the others are Greenbelt, Maryland and Greendale, Wisconsin. Each community has retained its charm, but we are proud to know we are the only greenbelt community to retain its greenbelt (land that buffers us from the rest of the world).

Greenhills has history - although we did not have any special folks "stay the night" or any major incident or catastrophe with a lot of lives lost,  our history is of a small plot of land built up to a very stylised idea of a forward-thinking and self-sufficient community. 

What we have in Greenhills is what so many other communities want or are working to achieve: walkability, safety, neighborliness.  Some are more successful than others.

One day, perhaps, we will be the Utopian community we were planned to be.

We hope you will enjoy this blog. Please comment and have your say.  This blog is for the good of Greenhills, so please do not try to destroy others or their ideas. Let keep it nice--the Greenhills way!