Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy Anniversary to our little Village.  Now 77 years old.
The Greenbelt Communities are still being imitated 9as we imitated other before us0 but we live here and our very proud of it.
Greenhills offers so many things for us to be proud of like our  Pool, Golf Course, Library,  Post Office, Restaurants and Bars, Small Business, Bank, Liquor Store, and Summer Concerts.  All for us to enjoy.
I am so glad we moved here in 2008 from California.  Just to know my neighbors is refreshing.
Greenhills folks are not just proud of their Village but also of the area they live in.  The B's . the H's and all the letters. We have our street communities that make us great people.
I work in the Post Office and have been their for 3 years now.  I get to hear lots about the community and what they like and dislike and to be honest most folks really like living here (politics aside).
Some folks never leave and other return later in life because they remember the good times and good people that surrounded them.
We moved here because Robert remembered playing in Winton Woods as a kid, and like Walt Disney and his boyhood home, it stuck with him, he never forgot.
I plan to start writing my blog again and more important to keep it up. And this is April 01 and this is no joke.
So please follow me and let me know your best stories of whats going on in your part of Greenhills.