Friday, February 15, 2013


Welcome to Greenhills Pride.

Here we talk about what makes our Village the Best.

And what can be done to make it even better.

Greenhills is one of three "Greenbelt communities" built by the FDR administration in the late 30's; the others are Greenbelt, Maryland and Greendale, Wisconsin. Each community has retained its charm, but we are proud to know we are the only greenbelt community to retain its greenbelt (land that buffers us from the rest of the world).

Greenhills has history - although we did not have any special folks "stay the night" or any major incident or catastrophe with a lot of lives lost,  our history is of a small plot of land built up to a very stylised idea of a forward-thinking and self-sufficient community. 

What we have in Greenhills is what so many other communities want or are working to achieve: walkability, safety, neighborliness.  Some are more successful than others.

One day, perhaps, we will be the Utopian community we were planned to be.

We hope you will enjoy this blog. Please comment and have your say.  This blog is for the good of Greenhills, so please do not try to destroy others or their ideas. Let keep it nice--the Greenhills way!

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