Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pioneer Day Festival
July 5 2014
Sorry for no pictures but well I didn't take any.

Greenhills had another Pioneer Day Festival on July 5, 2014.
The festivity were started with the Kiwanis 5K Pioneer Run / Walk,
The long standing tradition of our Parade around the village was once again a big hit with folks lining the parade route.  We had a nice view for our booth at the festival. We saw our Police and Fire men, along with boys and girls clubs and lot of cars with people in them,  we were to far back to read the signs and banners.
We enjoyed ourselves very much. We plan to join the parade next year. but what kinda
 float should we have?
After the parade the festival began. There were rides and slides for the kids, games of chance and
sweets all for the kids.
This year offered a petting zoo for everybody to enjoy.  It was a big hit.
It was a simple turnout but compared to last year it was a win for the Community.
The Historical Society was there selling T-shirts and Post Cards.  The Museum was also open for anybody who wanted to see the history of our little village.
The Gold Course was present selling golf balls and hats, and tell folks about the course and classes they offer. Some people still don't know we have a  great Golf course.
Our booth, MaiRo & Co - Dog Treat Bakery, did a great deal of business meeting our old friends and making  new ones.
Our entertainment for the day was Clare on the mic welcoming everyone to the festival and letting know what was going on and she played music throughout the day,  She even sang for us with the Karaoke machine provided. In the evening the youth of the village entertained us with the musical styling of new and old songs.
A Cutest Baby contest held with a winning baby receiving a $40 gift card from Babies"R" Us
Our Food offerings were a big hit, all the folks I spoke with had said they enjoyed Destiny's Catering (Molly's on the Green) food, and Taj Mahal was the great Indian food. Creamy Whip and But Shack were open and folks enjoyed our regulars restaurants.
The Greenhills Library Branch offered events for the kids to enjoy.
FREE Games for the Kids were also available with fun prizes and everybody was a winner

There are some folks who think this festival has run its course and should be stopped.
The new people who are managing this event now seem committed to its success and I applaud them,  I believe this festival can bring our community together and inform them about who and what we are as a  Unique Village and how if we work together we can make this the best possible place to live in Ohio
With a little hard work next years Festival can be twice asgood. Did you enjoy yourself? Think the Festival could have been better?  We welcome you to volunteer to make your dream come true.
If you wish to assist or volunteer with next years Pioneers Day Festival or the upcoming Harvest Fest (2nd year) Please contact Clare Gray at or call 513 825 2100

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